Monday, March 26, 2012

High-5 For This All In One PC

You must have heard the announcements by Pizza Hut, McDonald's giving different packages such as a 3 in one deal, or a midnight buffet, etc. This is fun and very light on the pocket as well, however, after the meal is devoured by one end and out the other, it does not last. What if the same can be applied to something that is really needed around the clock? Yes, something that we are glued in front of 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and no, I am not talking about the television, but rather something more glorious than that. Something that evolved beyond the imagination of the human mind. I'm talking about the All In One PC's and it is called "CyberNet iONe H5" Desktop computer. As you might have already guessed by the name, it has been created by Cybernet. This thing is a killer. Usually, the technology related to Cybernet is found outside healthcare facilities.

The CyberNet iOne H5 has a ten-point touch screen and just like all the other PC's, whether it's by intel or any other company, it may have a few glitches. But hey, everything is not perfect and it is this imperfection that leads to the creations of something bigger and better like the CyberNet iOne H5 Desktop computer.

So what exactly is this all in one PC made of? To start with, it has a touch screen with 5-wire resistive technology in order to make it even more productive. Single or multi touch can be chosen according to one's needs. Personally, I would rather go for multi touch because I am already used to the iPhone 5 touch screen. It also has built in support for full video playback with 1080p high definition along with a 3D graphics card. This all in one computer has a powerful ATI Mobility GPU providing a faster and smoother high speed definition video acceleration.

One of the best parts I like about this All In One PC is that it takes less space than the regular desktop PC's. The iOne H5 comes with standard VESA mounting holes, but one should make sure the wall can support the mount. This means that if one doesn't have space on the desk or table, just plug it in to a nearby power outlet and you're good to go. With the addition of wireless keyboard and mouse available on eBay and Amazon, you can get rid of the cables too.

Coming to the main part of this beauty is its performance and it is not far behind the other computers because it earned a score of 133, 17 points higher than the top rated budget all in one PC on PC
So I'm quite sure you would be drooling by now to buy the best all in one PC and add it to your collection, but is your pocket shaking with fear. Up until July 2011, it had a cost of about $1332, now under $1,000.00. This came packed with a processor of i7-860, 8 GB of RAM (more the ram the better I always say) and a 500 GB hard drive. This type of compilation is great for an ordinary business or even at an educational scale. I would not miss this chance because I am already a PC-obsessed person.