Monday, March 26, 2012

High-5 For This All In One PC

You must have heard the announcements by Pizza Hut, McDonald's giving different packages such as a 3 in one deal, or a midnight buffet, etc. This is fun and very light on the pocket as well, however, after the meal is devoured by one end and out the other, it does not last. What if the same can be applied to something that is really needed around the clock? Yes, something that we are glued in front of 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and no, I am not talking about the television, but rather something more glorious than that. Something that evolved beyond the imagination of the human mind. I'm talking about the All In One PC's and it is called "CyberNet iONe H5" Desktop computer. As you might have already guessed by the name, it has been created by Cybernet. This thing is a killer. Usually, the technology related to Cybernet is found outside healthcare facilities.

The CyberNet iOne H5 has a ten-point touch screen and just like all the other PC's, whether it's by intel or any other company, it may have a few glitches. But hey, everything is not perfect and it is this imperfection that leads to the creations of something bigger and better like the CyberNet iOne H5 Desktop computer.

So what exactly is this all in one PC made of? To start with, it has a touch screen with 5-wire resistive technology in order to make it even more productive. Single or multi touch can be chosen according to one's needs. Personally, I would rather go for multi touch because I am already used to the iPhone 5 touch screen. It also has built in support for full video playback with 1080p high definition along with a 3D graphics card. This all in one computer has a powerful ATI Mobility GPU providing a faster and smoother high speed definition video acceleration.

One of the best parts I like about this All In One PC is that it takes less space than the regular desktop PC's. The iOne H5 comes with standard VESA mounting holes, but one should make sure the wall can support the mount. This means that if one doesn't have space on the desk or table, just plug it in to a nearby power outlet and you're good to go. With the addition of wireless keyboard and mouse available on eBay and Amazon, you can get rid of the cables too.

Coming to the main part of this beauty is its performance and it is not far behind the other computers because it earned a score of 133, 17 points higher than the top rated budget all in one PC on PC
So I'm quite sure you would be drooling by now to buy the best all in one PC and add it to your collection, but is your pocket shaking with fear. Up until July 2011, it had a cost of about $1332, now under $1,000.00. This came packed with a processor of i7-860, 8 GB of RAM (more the ram the better I always say) and a 500 GB hard drive. This type of compilation is great for an ordinary business or even at an educational scale. I would not miss this chance because I am already a PC-obsessed person.

Major Advantages Of Web Application Development

A web application allows the users to access an application over internet or intranet and can be updated & maintained over a browser without actually installing it on the system. Businesses can achieve huge benefits by gaining business applications through web applications development. A web application offers many benefits to both business and the client. The major advantages of web application development for a business are:

Customer Interaction: The present business world is highly competitive and everyone is trying to woo their customers with whatever means necessary. This requires them to stay in regular touch with their customers. Web apps can help businesses in staying connected with their customers and provides them with a much better and effective communication link. Better services will definitely increase the number of referred clients and respectively the sales.

Business Automation: The automation facility offered by it is one of its most essential features. All the data entry and management work is automatically done by the application thus it provides great relief for the business. The applications work in real time and all the changes and transactions are saved and available immediately. Moreover, the clients do not have to install the application in their system therefore it saves a lot of time and complexity faced by the customers or the users. Web apps allow businesses to automate their various time consuming and repetitive management tasks and gives them more time to concentrate on much important business issues.

Effective Applications:
This are highly effective in managing various parts of a business. It helps organizations in reducing their overall operating cost and maximizing the efficiency of their business operations. Users can manage their own accounts so that you don't have to employ a large staff for managing their accounts. However, the effectiveness of an application depends upon the efficiency of the web application development company.

Maximize profits: The final aim of all the business activities is to generate maximum profits and high return on investments. Web apps help businesses in achieving this end goal by implementing automation, effective management and reduced effort on the part of the business. Moreover, organizations are also able to save themselves from any losses incurred from scamming or software piracy.

The most important feature of web-applications that make them so popular and effective is that they can be made available to the users instantly without requiring them to download and install it on their systems. The important thing to take care of is the cross browser compatibility issues which may prove to be an obstacle in proper functioning of the application and can degrade the overall user experience. A professional web application development company with proven capabilities can help organizations and businesses in achieving a solution that truly justifies their requirements. Applications can also be applied for internal processes of an organization but they come under the category of enterprise applications which we will discuss in a separate article.

The Benefits Of Using Cisco VOIP

The Cisco VOIP is similar to calling on your telephone, only that instead of the traditional copper wires and the analog telephone exchange where the call is routed to, the VOIP uses the internet to route your calls.

In a business where telephone clarity or the clarity of the voice is important, the Cisco VOIP is unparalleled as compared to a traditional telephone system. Normally when your business relies on the calls that the customer makes to your company, the quality of the call rises above everything else, as the quality of the voice of both the customer and the support representative is paramount to be able to complete the call and give profits to the business that you are running.

But there is also an increasing use of the Cisco VOIP to route calls to and from the management side of the company, and not just the support side. In order to differentiate the management side of the company, you can imagine the support side as the agent who receives an incoming call from the customer. Whatever the customer wants, the agent should be able to hear it clearly and respond accordingly.

The management side of the company includes the clerks who do the accounting or the company, the secretaries who receive incoming calls from prospective clients, etc. People who own and run companies are finding out the advantages of Cisco VOIP as opposed to even using the traditional PABX system.

Although the PABX or The Private Automatic Branch Exchange handles all incoming and outgoing calls going to most of the company departments, an increasing number of companies are using a hybrid system of VOIP and the traditional PABX in handling both calls to and from the departments and to/from the support side.

The biggest difference to using the VOIP is the clarity of the voice and the efficiency of the system that it uses. While it is true that you still use internet bandwidth when using VOIP, advancements in the field of data compression allows a whole lot more voice channels to be integrated into a data channel that comprises just one ordinary telephone line. This means that if you manage to compress up to 7 to 10 actual voice data channels in your internet DSL line, this is equivalent to having up to 10 people talk to each other using just one ordinary telephone line.

Not only that, while you are able to compress the voice data in real time using the same internet that everybody is using, you are still able to use the rest of the internet for other uses, like managing your web application for the Cisco VOIP that you are using, search for answers to the question that the customer gave to you or even follow up on customers who you have to call back and more.

The chief advantage of using Cisco VOIP is the huge number of voice data channels that you can use over ordinary telephone lines. This is coupled with the fact that the VOIP is also backward interconnected to the traditional telephone systems so that you can also call anyone, anywhere in world in real time.

7 Tips to Keep Your Computer in Tip-Top Shape

In this modern age we keep in touch with relatives either through chat or emails, search for information about anything under the earth and sometimes out of the earth as well. We also do business proposals and communications with associates and of late do shopping and pay utility bills sitting conveniently at home. This is possible with the help of our computer and an internet connection. So it is important that we take care of our computer to work efficiently and without any hitches. Listed here are 7 tips to keep your computer running in tip-top shape.

1 Value in Brand: When you depend on the computer to do lot of your personal as well as business communications, it is of paramount importance that you invest in a good computer to do that. There are assembled sets available at a price lower than the quality branded computers. But in the long run they will make you incur more money on servicing and repairs due to the low quality parts used in them. Invest on a Good Brand for reliability and even if something goes wrong, the warranty will protect you from added expenditure.

2 Software: There is a tendency to rely upon counterfeit operating systems to save some money. This will prove as a wrong decision on the long run. Information technology being on a fast track, there are newer versions and updates to the existing versions released on a regular basis. Only genuine software is capable of updating them online. Further, there is no guarantee that the counterfeit will work without trouble. Imagine a situation when you have to reach an important client to close a deal but your computer crashes. Insist on OEM software.

3 Antivirus: Computer and Internet is regularly targeted by hackers to steal important data and details like username and password to use them for anti social activities. You can lose your money and credibility in that computer if your online bank account is compromised. Install the latest antivirus program on your computer and update them on a regular basis to stay ahead of the hackers and have peace of mind.

4 Power supply: As it is food for man, a computer to function at its best, require a continuous and steady supply of power. In case you area is prone for black-outs or power cuts valuable data can be lost when the power is lost abruptly while you are working on an important work. Therefore it is advisable to ensure a steady supply of power through a UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply).

5 Qualified Personnel: The computer being a sensitive gadget, operations of them should be done by qualified personnel. The computer should be operated only by those who are aware of the basic functioning of the machine. Further, when there is a malfunction rather than fidgeting with the machine, it should be referred to the service personnel.

6 Regular Service: It is advisable to enter into an AMC (annual maintenance contract) with the supplier of the computer to ensure timely service and to avoid extra expenditure in way of repairing charges. Regular service will keep your computer in tip-top condition.

7 Beware of spam: One should be careful not to open spam emails which may contain viruses that will infect the computer. With the hackers also getting wiser day by day, any such email with "smart virus" in them can surpass the antivirus program installed. It will infect the system and important data will be lost.

First Generation iPod nano Replacement Program

Apple has sent out emails to registered owners of 1st generation iPod nanos. It is said that certain iPod nanos produced between September 2005 and January 2006 might overheat and be unsafe. This is a manufacturing defect made by a single supplier. And the likelihood of problems increases as the model ages. As a result, Apple launched the first generation iPod replacement program.

The safety risk is caused by the battery overheating. Actually, there have been some cases of the iPod nano's battery overheating in the past. The issue turned up previously in 2009. Apple had two cases that they burned the users. And in 2008, the Japanese government said that there are three fires were caused in Japan because of faulty 1st generation nano batteries.

If you are not sure about the legitimacy of the emails you received, you can check the link in the email. If you click the link, you will be directed to the replacement program for earlier models of the iPod nanos from the support site of apple and there are also Apple's exchange and repair extension program at the apple support site.

In addition, the main content of the email is as following. Apple has determined that, in very rare cases, the batteries in the iPod nano (1st gen) may overheat and pose a safety risk. Affected iPod nanos were sold between September 2005 and December 2006. This issue has been traced to a single battery supplier that produced batteries with a manufacturing defect. While the possibility of an incident is rare, the likelihood increases as the battery ages. Apple recommends that you stop using your iPod nano (1st gen) and follow the process noted below to order a replacement unit, free of charge. And attention must be paid on that this battery issue is specific to 1st generation and does not affect any other iPod.

As far as the program process is concerned, you firstly may order a replacement unit via the web. Your serial number will be checked to verify that it is eligible for this program. You will receive a replacement unit approximately 6 weeks after apple receive your current iPod nano (1st gen). If you have a personalized one, you will receive a non-personalized replacement. Make sure to use iTunes to back up any data on your current one before sending it in for a replacement unit.

But how to identify an iPod nano (1st gen)? Firstly, it has a black or white plastic front and a silver metal back, while later models have a metal front and back. If you need assistance with placing an order, you can visit an Apple Retail Store or an Apple Authorized Service Provider (AASP) and bring yours with you for serial number validation. Furthermore, your replacement iPod product is warranted to be free from defects for 90 days from the date of service.

Network Technology Improvements

To benefit from the central resources and communications, a remote user usually has at least one wide area connection to the central site. The bandwidth requirements for the wide area connection depend on the kind of network services that the employers want to use in their job. If remote employees are part of the IP telephony network, a call manager device may need to be placed remotely. The network architect must think through whether the remote users need access to video resources concurrently. This kind of access will impact bandwidth. For instance, streaming video may be used for a business meeting. These design decisions involve evaluating the bandwidth at the central site wide area connection as well.

Selecting a Permanent or On Demand link

The net architect chooses whether it is superior to use permanent or on-demand links to the central location. The architect works with the client to consider security, cost as well as availability requirements.

A high-speed Internet link is a good choice for outworkers. It is easy to install in remote offices and is also available in many hotels. Occasionally, asynchronous dialup links are the one and only remote access solution accessible to travelers. Personnel who travel can use a laptop with a modem and the current telephone net to connect to the enterprise.

Wide area network connections at teleworker sites can use the following technologies: Asynchronous dialup, ISDN BRI, Cable modems, DSL, Wireless and satellite, VPN, Traffic Flow.

Traffic flow on a net is analogous to the car traffic flow on metropolitan streets. Vehicles move from one place to another throughout the city. Data traffic created from applications moves from one place in the net to another. The route is usually defined by a Net Layer TCP/IP address. Depending on the quality of service policies configured in the net, the route can be influenced by additional factors like Transport Layer source and destination port numbers. Let's say, a host sends a request for a shared folder to a server in one traffic flow. The server examines the request and if the user has the expected permissions, returns the data to the user in another traffic flow.

Traffic Control

Without a method of traffic control, like traffic signs or alternative roads to retain the flow, traffic on the highways becomes congested. Nets also need a path to regulate traffic flows. Quality of service mechanisms are created to guarantee the smooth traffic flow of application data traffic on the net.

Quick Utilities For Remote Support

To start a business one must be social and public as dealing with the outside world is must in a business. As technology is majorly taking part in every business irrespective of the sector, you have to arrange a lot of IT infrastructure for this. The infrastructure may have computers, fax machines, printers, routers and other necessary networking devices. To manage all these things effectively a suitable IT infrastructure management should be performed.

The experienced and expert technical staff; with the help of remote access software help the people who do not have technical knowledge and support them remotely. They provide their assistance with the help of emails and via phone calls. The use of the remote PC support products is very extensive and they help in getting the root cause of the issue. The modern solutions helps the user in monitoring the network and take the administration of the computer system that may be situated in the local network or even on web also.

We find different PC support tools and solutions in the market offered by most of the IT support firms that are available according to our requirements. They can be chosen for some free trials or can directly be hired on a monthly subscription basis. They are available for home users also and they can take the trial versions also. These can be used like the windows remote desktop connection also. But the free wares have fewer features enabled as compared to the paid version.

The PC control suite makes the work easier by helping in providing the technical assistance to the users and customers. For the network administrators doing the task of fixing the issues related to networks and software updates, all the work can be done sitting on a remote location with the help of the remote support software. It is fast and easy and different other nodes in the network can be accessed and the problem can be fixed.

With this it also proves to be a good tutor as well. For example if the user of any software or program want to know about any option he is unable to find as you can easily access his PC and can show on his PC about what he wants. You can easily provide tuition remotely about any tool or service to the subscriber. The remote assistance suites have text and voice chat option so that the users get quick help in need. This also helps the business owners to provide guidance to their customers about their products and services.

Ankur Kumar Batwani is working as a Digital Marketing Executive in ProVal Technologies. It is providing remote infrastructure management services and MSP noc support to its clients and work as their own IT department. It gives a free and relaxing atmosphere by taking charge of the technical issues proactively.